Scenar Device

What is it?

Scenar Device

The Scenar (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) device was invented by Russian scientists for use in the Space Programme by the Cosmonauts. It is a medical technology that can have a profound effect on both acute and chronic painful conditions and physical dysfunction that may not respond to other forms of treatment. 

Scenar therapy is also a holistic form of treatment, which stimulates the nervous system and teaches it to heal itself. Scenar uses a patented signal identical to the body's own neurological signals. This signal has been found to have a positive effect on the body, re-establishing balance and homeostasis. This signal works on a cellular level enabling profound and long lasting healing to take place. It literally speaks the body's own language.  Electrical impulses, the parameters of which are similar to endogenous nerve impulses, are transmitted through the skin to the nervous system. Fast-reacting informational biofeedback means that each impulse is different from the previous one and helps to speed up healing.
Scenar action influences the adaptive processes of the organism and helps to harmonise them. In response to Scenar impulses the nervous system releases neuropeptides, which are broken down into many bioactive compounds. As a result, balance (homeostasis) is gradually and gently restored. 

What does it feel like?

Scenar Treatment on Back

The Scenar is a hand-held device that delivers non-invasive, non-toxic, computer modulated, therapeutic electro-stimulation on to and through the skin. It is a biofeedback device which is used to help the body to heal itself.

As the device is moved over the surface of the skin a comfortable tingling sensation is felt. In cases of severe pain or acute conditions, the sensation may be stronger.